Fiona Rasmusen

Find out more about Fiona Rasmusen, fellow partner and head of Family Law at Gibson Kerr in Edinburgh.

Fiona Rasmusen

Fiona RasmusenFiona Rasmusen is partner and head of family law at Gibson Kerr. Working with her husband Scott Rasmusen, she specialises in legal issues arising from relationship breakdown, such as child residence and contact, as well as financial issues.

If you are in need of an experienced solicitor for your family law matter, click here to contact Fiona Rasmusen.

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About Scott Rasmusen

Scott Rasmusen

Scott RasmusenScott Rasmusen is partner and solicitor with Gibson Kerr, along with his wife Fiona Rasmusen. With over 30 years’ experience in conveyancing, Scott heads up the Property Law Department. Scott Rasmusen also deals with private client law and personal injury and accident claims.

If you need expert legal advice in Edinburgh, click here to contact Scott Rasmusen.

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